Official KLAYMETA Whitepaper, last updated Aug 2022
An avatar is an alter ego of the player moving in the KLAYMETA world. You can collect and combine various avatars to grow your own avatars and enjoy various plays in the KLAYMETA. As the KLAYMETA world grows, you can collect characters representing the future cooperative world as avatars.
The cooperative world using the KLAYMETA platform is a different game world from the KLAYMETA . Through the platform, its own token economy is formed and rewards are paid for play contributions in $MGT (Klaymeta Game Token). $MGT can be used for various in-game purchases and farming, and can also be swapped for other tokens through $META in Klayswap. Items acquired through gameplay support conversion to NFT via $META and can be traded with other players in the marketplace.
The official launch target date is December 2021, and the launchpad will be held for about one month from November 29, 2021, when $META tokens are distributed.
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