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About Fusion

Fusion is content that allows you to develop avatars by using two avatars to inherit equipment or enhance skills.

Inherit Equip

You can obtain a new avatar by inheriting the equip and appearance elements of the base avatar and the sacrifice avatar according to probability.
You can expect an increase in Combat Points (CP) by strategically developing your avatar's equipment configuration.

Fusion Cost

If you do not want to inherit the equipment and appearance of the base avatar, you can lock up to 2 pieces, and the number of $META required according to the number of inherit equip attempts is as follows. ※ The maximum number of inherit equip attempts is 4 and may be changed or added in the future.
47.5% of $META used in Fusion will be distributed to vMETA holders as a reward for maintaining $META value and contributing to governance, and 47.5% will be distributed back to the Game Reward Pool as a reward for all players. The remaining 5% will be completely burned to maintain $META value.

Inherit Probability

One of the unlocked equipment and appearances is randomly decided 100% succession, and then the succession for the remaining elements is determined with a variable probability depending on the equipment grades of the base avatar and the sacrifice avatar. ※ Appearance (background, face, color) is determined with a 50% chance.
※ Limited avatars with partner game worldview cannot be used as base/sacrifice avatars for inherit equip.

Enhance Skill

If you have the same skill between the main avatar and the sacrifice avatar, you can enhance that skill. You can sacrifice up to 4 sacrificial avatars at a time, and the sacrificial avatars used for enhancement will be burned.
The skill points of the main avatar and sacrifice avatars are accumulated, and the final level of the skill is determined according to the accumulated points.
The accumulated points required for each level are as follows :
  • Lv 1 - 10
  • Lv 2 - 50
  • Lv 3 - 250
  • Lv 4 - 1,250
  • Lv 5 - 6,250
1 $META is required for every 10 points in the Enhance skill, and the $META consumed is determined by the sum of the old points and the newly added points. For example, the main avatar A skill level is 1 and points are 10. All 4 sacrificial avatars have A skills, are level 1, and have 10 points. 8 $META is required to upgrade (because the total is 80 points)
20+10+20 + (old point 10+10+10) = 80points = 8META
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