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META Quest

What is META Quest?

The ecosystem that governs the play rewards of the META ARENA world has launched a META Quest to allow more players and avatars to migrate to the META ARENA world.
Among the contract addresses managed by the ecosystem, the $META accumulated at address ‘0x7505b20df504d0ac2355a2fe51b57d1418c944d8’ will be distributed to the META ARENA world in blocks.
Build a party with avatars summoned by players and compete against other players’ parties to collect $META!

Key elements of the META Quest

To form a META Quest party, you need an avatar, the core of the party, and an all-rounder worker who is responsible for the party’s miscellaneous tasks, such as moving precious $META and building a camp.


The avatar is the starting point of the META Quest. Without the avatar, the META Quest party will not be formed. If you join your avatar in the META Quest party, you will automatically participate in the META Quest.
You can have up to 5 avatars in the party, and if you meet the preset buff conditions, you can increase your total CP by applying bonus effects.
The avatars participating in the party can be changed at any time, but the same class cannot be duplicated. For example, if tank and supporter classes are placed, tanks and supporters will not appear in the selection list when additional avatars are placed.

Preset Buff

You can make a total of 48 preset buffs by combining classes and properties.
The preset buff bonus directly affects the detailed stats (ATK, DEF, STA) of the avatar. Therefore, players can think about combinations to highlight the strengths of their avatars and intend to gradually increase the buff.
Instead of placing the avatar yourself, you can simulate it in the master book and check the list of recommended preset buffs suitable for placement.

Fire Element Base

Water Element Base

Wind Element Base

Earth Element Base

Light Element Base

Dark Element Base

⚠️ Light and dark attributes are the only ones that have the same attribute preset buff.


A sincere worker in the world of META ARENA
The avatars have great abilities and are an important part of the party’s gathering ability, but if you hire a worker who is a hard worker, your party’s gathering ability can be even higher.
Native workers living in the META ARENA world always need $META to survive. If you pay them only 0.1%, they will always work diligently while the party lasts.
Workers’ remuneration is paid at the time of hiring or dismissal. 50% of the remuneration paid to workers is distributed to vMETA holders who protect the META ARENA source, and 50% is used for workers’ living expenses and burned.
For example, if you hire a worker with 1,000 $META, 0.1% of 1 $META is paid to the worker and 999 workers are hired. After that, if 500 workers are fired for any reason, 0.1%, or 0.5 $META, will be paid to the worker and 499.5 $META will be returned to the worker.

(Optional) Extra Energy

It has been confirmed that the avatars being summoned in the META ARENA world respond to the extra energy to increase their stats and convey the player’s will.
If players provide enough extra energy, your avatar will perform up to 150% in Meta Quests and more content to come. Of course, even without extra energy, the avatar is at 100% ability.
The amount of extra energy required for the avatar to display 150% ability and the amount consumed by the avatar action will depend on the sum of CPs of the avatars placed in the content. High-ranking avatars with excellent abilities have no choice but to have high maximum efficiency requirements and high consumption.
For example, if Bob places 3 avatars with 2,000 CP on the meta quest, 150% efficiency will be applied starting from 1,200 energy or more, which is 20% of the total CP 6,000. When Bob takes actions such as changing the avatar and picking up the meta, 12 energy is consumed, which is 0.2% of the total CP 6,000.
Currently, Extra Energy can only be charged with KLAY and KAI, and 0.75 KLAY or 1 KAI is required to charge 1 energy. 97% of the external energy used for charging is transferred to the Treasury to be used to develop the META ARENA world, and 3% is sent to that world to be burned. We are continuing our research so that it can be charged with other energy from the outside world.

How to proceed with the META Quest

Approval of contract access

The first time you play a META Quest, the META Quest contract needs a one-time authorization process to access your avatar and $META.

Place your avatar

When players deploy 1 avatar they have summoned with MST or purchased from the market, the META Quest will start and you can place up to 5 avatars. Placing a high-ranked avatar with a lot of CP can collect more $META compared to other parties. ※ The same class cannot be duplicated. For example, if a tank or supporter class is placed, when an additional avatar is placed, the tank and supporter will not appear in the selection list.
※ If the player is using extra energy, extra energy is not consumed when placing additional avatars for 1 hour from the start of the quest.

Preset buff applied

Preset buffs can be applied by placing the avatar in the same way as the preset buff combination. When the buff is applied, the detailed stats (ATK, DEF, STA) of the deployed avatar will increase, thereby increasing the CP.

Hire a worker

Once the avatar is placed, a worker can be hired to help the avatar with the player’s $META. If you want to collect more $META than your party of other players, consider hiring a worker.
You can change the number of worker hires while maintaining your party.

$META Collected

Avatar and Worker collect $META every time a new block is connected to the Klaytn chain. In order to send the $META collected by the player’s party to the player’s address, the avatar must be ordered to pick up the meta.

$META pickup

The player’s party can collect and accrue $META to the player’s address.
If you are using extra energy, extra energy is consumed according to the abilities of the avatars deployed, and energy is not consumed when changing avatars or picking up meta for 1 hour.

Change Avatar and Worker

Players can always change their deployed avatars or the number of hired workers while maintaining the party. If you change it, the $META collected and accumulated by the party is automatically sent to the player’s address.
If the player is using extra energy, when changing the avatar, energy is consumed as the total CP of the previous avatar, and energy is not consumed for 1 hour after the change.No extra energy is used when hiring/dismissing a worker.
For example, if 3 avatars with 2,000 CP are placed in a META Quest and have 100 extra energy, if one avatar is removed from the party to change the avatar, 0.2% of the total CP 6,000, or 12 energy, will be consumed and 94 extra energy is left. After that, adding another avatar to your party for 1 hour will not consume any energy.

Stop of META Quest

When you stop the META Quest, you can get back the deployed avatar, $META excluding worker compensation, and the $META accumulated by collecting. If the player is using extra energy at this time, the energy is consumed as well.

Compete with other players

A META Quest party with good collection efficiency can collect a lot of $META.
collection efficiency is a comparison value between a party’s collection ability and other party’s collection abilities.
  • Collection Efficiency = Your party’s collection ability / All parties’ collection ability
  • Collecting ability = Total CP of party avatars x (1 + number of employed workers) x Extra energy efficiency (100% ~ 150%)
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