KLAYMETA - English


$META (META ARENA Token) is a KIP-7 token for META ARENA. It is a governance token that also has utility characteristics such as avatar combination, an exchange medium of game tokens for partner games, and participation in limited edition auctions.
$META holders can earn rewards by staking tokens, playing games, and participating in key governance votes.

Token Economy

$META is created and distributed in blocks through the decentralized distribution platform provided by Ozys without public or private sale.
Except for the Klayswap drops distribution, initial pool creation, and initial issuance for event airdrop, all $META is distributed in block units as a target contract.
$META distributed to the Ecosystem is not distributed directly to the market, but is distributed to the market in various ways such as game play and competition rewards.
  • Max Supply: 200,000,000 $META
  • Initial Issuance: 420,000 $META
  • Allocation: 199,580,000 $META
  • Distribution Period: 3 Years
Sub Target
Initial Issuance
  • KLAYswap Drops
  • Event Airdrop
  • KLAYswap Pair Liquidity
Encourage Liquidity
  • KLAY+META LP(5.4885%)
  • KSP+META LP(5.4885%)
  • Metaquest Reward(24.95%)
  • Game Reward(24.95%)
  • Reserved(15.95%)
DAO Marketing
  • Metacaster Support(0.23%)
  • Ecosystem expansion event(8.17%)
  • KLAYswap EcoPot
Dev Allocation
  • Natris(12.47%)
  • Ozys(0.5%)
  • KLAYswap Drops will be held from 11/23 (Tue) to 11/29 (Mon).
  • 40,000 $META will be dropped for 7 days from 11/29 (Mon) to 12/5 (Sun) in 3 pairs of KLAY+KSP, KLAY+KETH, and KLAY+KUSDT after the drops ends.
  • KLAY+META, KSP+META pairs will be created after 9 am on November 29 (Mon) and liquidity incentive distribution will begin.
  • $META distributed to the Ecosystem Contract will not be distributed until the official launch in December and will be locked up.
  • Distribution starts with avatar farming, game play rewards, etc., and it is not distributed in blocks, so it may be slightly different from the contents specified in the table below. The proportion of avatar farming and gameplay rewards may change.
  • Reserved is used for the ecosystem, such as incentives for liquidity when launching new cooperative games, and prize money for competitions.
  • To maintain the META token level of KLAYswap governance, 1% of $META mined from 3pm on February 21, 2022 will be distributed to KLAYswap EcoPot.
  • The $META airdrop distribution for the Encourage Liquidity META+MUDOL pair ended July 18, 2022 with the global launch of Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms.


$META has a limited issuance and is either burned after buyback through revenue and commissions or distributed among staking participants.
  • Buyback 5% of Avatar Summon/Limited Sales Proceeds to $META.
    • 50% of the boughtback $META will be burned.
    • 50% of the $META bought back will be distributed among the staking participants.
  • 1% of the market trade fee (2%) buy back $META.
    • 50% of the boughtback $META will be burned.
    • 50% of the $META bought back will be distributed among the staking participants.
  • 100% of $META used in avatar fusion will be burned.
  • $META used for special summons will be distributed among 100% of the staking participants.
  • 50% of the emergency unstaking fee will be distributed among staking participants.
  • 50% of the urgent unstaking fee will be sent to Reserved, where it will be used to develop the ecosystem, such as adding new games and game competitions.
  • 100% of the $META used for NFT conversion of items in cooperative games will be burned.